Ministry Update – April 2015

Dear friends, may the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you in abundance! I’d like to share with you a few exciting things that have happened with our ministry during the past month.

blog-sj2015-1From the 23rd to 25th of April, we participated in the second Simply Jesus Gathering held in Denver. So many speakers were lined up, and we were blessed to hear different ways and angles of understanding Jesus, as well as many testimonies and experiences of life with Jesus. It’s so rich and wonderful to hear and learn how Jesus changes lives.

I (Tamrat) spoke on the last day, Saturday. My message was focused on living with Jesus, which was based on the book of Luke Chapter 2 where three of Jesus’ disciples saw Him transfigured on the mountain. I related it to my own experience of encountering Jesus when I was in prison 13 years ago. Peter, one of Jesus’ inner circle friends, said “it is good to be here” after he saw the glory of Jesus. The point I tried to convey is that Jesus is the only true way and the only true life. As long as we are in His presence, everything else does not matter, everything we are in will be taken care of. Our primary seeking in life must be Jesus.

From April 9th to 16th, I (Tamrat) travelled to India (Mumbai – Bollywood city) for the second time this year, together with 4 other dear friends (1 Indian and 3 Americans). We had several things to do in Mumbai, ranging from having relationships with our friends there, establishing new friendships, meeting several groups of businessmen and also Bollywood celebrities, and sharing our lives with the churches there. In all of these relationships and friendships and meetings, Jesus is always the center.

Toward the end of our visit, four of us went to a city about 3 hours from Mumbai to celebrate an event with about a thousand students. I had a Q & A period directly with the students that covered a wide range of issues regarding Jesus — purpose in life, commitment, love and forgiveness, Ethiopia, Africa, religion vs. politics, and more. It is always my pleasure to be with high school and college students as I have been doing it in United States. As I usually say, to be with young people helps me see the future and be challenged by the new generation. For me it is also an opportunity to show them Jesus’ transforming life simply by telling them how I was changed by Jesus from an atheist/communist to becoming His follower and His ambassador of love and forgiveness.

blog-nocoprayerOn April 4th, we were also invited to the Northern Colorado Prayer Breakfast in Loveland, Colorado, where more than 800 people, most of them businessmen, gathered for a morning of prayer and God’s Word. I shared our story of transformation and I used a slant from the story to explain that the meaning of following Jesus is not really following a certain religion. Religion and Jesus are completely different. Following Jesus is about living a transformed life for a new and Godly purpose. Mulu and I had very good one-to-one time with several people after the breakfast, which we always enjoy when we go to gatherings, prayer breakfasts, or conferences and seminars.

Very soon we will send you our ministry updates from the previous two months, February and March 2015, which we believe will be of much interest for you as it was a very exciting time for us. By the way, we are less than a month away from celebrating our daughter Tigist’s high school graduation day (Tigist is our second child). She is excited and prepared to go to college in about three months. I am thankful to God who gave me a second chance to be with my children and see them grow after 12 years in prison.

All this happens because of the mercy and grace and love of my Savior, King and Lord, Jesus Christ, who has always been with me during those dark years in jail, who has been with Mulu and our children during those difficult years in Kenyan refugee camps, and who continues to be with us.

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