Partner with Tamrat & Mulu

Every great story has a NOW moment — when it seems like God brings all the pieces together — and for Tamrat and Mulu Layne, that moment is right now.

Just over five years ago now, Tamrat was released from prison, and as you can imagine, the years since have been a struggle. Acclimating again to life in the real world, while at the same time adjusting to a brand new culture in the United States. Reconnecting with his wife and children after a dozen years of separation. Wrestling with the pain of betrayal. Asking the ‘Why God?’ questions and learning to trust His plan, even when, at times, the answers don’t come.

And yet, through it all, Jesus has been present. And today, Tamrat and Mulu stand at the beginning of the next chapter, pen in hand, ready to share their unforgettable story of love and forgiveness with the world. But they need help.


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